The Living Commons Collective was imaged, literally, around the kitchen table. It is the outcome of entangled thoughts on race, postcoloniality and capital, with speculative fiction, quantum physics, and ways of knowing and doing not subjected to the rule of universal reason.  It is the answer to the question of how can the intellectual occupy the space between poet and madman. This publishing collective is an experiment set amid and apart from neoliberal practices wherein sterilisation of thought is lucrative business and from autonomist practices that have ceded themselves a peculiar racial valence.It is an opportunity to share musings, urgent and immanent, across disperse(d) formations, that deprioritize lines and planes for scatters. In this, the collective moves towards constituting the scene for what might be (re-)imaginations of knowing and living. The work(s) of the collective is/are a reflection of the inherent counter-disciplinarity of radical thinking. Together, they trace the political as constituted across the various modes of the creative and the material, that is, the ideational, the emotional, and the spiritual. As a group of academics and artists, we anticipate the commons through the creation and production of the ‘unsaleable’, bearing in mind its potency not only in anti-capitalist and anti-colonial practice but, more importantly, in redressing the violences that constitute racial existence.In so doing, the collective performs the reimagining of the commons (autonomia)  necessary under the rule of global (racial) capital.


Denise Ferreira da Silva

Stefano Harney

Mark A. Harris

Rashné Limki

Fred Moten

Pedro Gabriel Soares Daher